To My Little One

You showed up in my memories today. Three years ago you became known to the world. And though we never heard your heart beat and you never took your first breath, your life changed mine. 

Today I choose to celebrate you. Because of your life, though entirely too short, my life will never be the same. Without you, I don’t know that I would have turned back so quickly to our loving Father. I don’t know that we would have opened our hearts to adoption and I don’t know that I would have heard God call me to orphan advocacy. 

Your life – so small, your purpose – so grand. You created waves of change, of grace, and of redemption. As your mother, I look forward to continuing to see the effects your life will have on others and on myself. And I can’t wait to celebrate with you and our Father when we all meet one day. 


What a Redeeming Grace

What a

To my little boy,

The world says you are unknown. A nameless child in a vast and heartbreaking statistic of children. The world says you are unloved – given away, discarded, forgotten. The world says you’re unworthy because of some cultural, social, biological, or physical stigma. The world points out that you have no family. No mother or father who wants you. No home to provide safety and comfort. The world calls you an orphan.

But you are known. Although you have not taken your first breath, you already have a name. Asher literally means “happy” in Hebrew. Oh, and how happy and full of joy your life will be. You are so loved. Hundreds of people know your name and who your parents are. Your arrival into our world is greatly anticipated. In the blink of an eye, you will grow from no family to a HUGE family! You are sought after. You are prayed for without ceasing. And you are ours. Before your life has begun, we have been chosen to be your parents. And while you will have likely spent at least the first year of your life without us, you were never an orphan because you were never unknown, always wanted, and infinitely loved.

Until we meet.

What a redeeming grace. I have heard adoption referred to as “the gospel in flesh and blood,” and that takes hold of me today. All that the world says Asher is, God speaks differently over him. And it’s the same for all of us! Jesus says in John, “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” Whatever title you have taken on this world, God speaks differently over you. You are loved. You are His. You are very much known and sought after. And He’s coming for you. I’ll say it again. What a redeeming grace.


“Where Are You With the Adoption?”


“Where are you with the adoption?”

This is the popular question coming from family members, friends, and our adoption agency. My answer? Money! Whether you agree with it or not, we all know adoption is expensive (but aren’t all children?!). And because there is no insurance that helps cover the cost of bringing your adopted child into your world, you must come up with it on your own. We have accepted that challenge. After all, God has always been faithful with every financial circumstance we have encountered so far. And will He not provide every cent of what is needed for us to do His will?

With all of that being said, we need about $10,000 to get started. That will cover our Home Study and our US processing fees along with a few smaller fees like background checks and the like. We are working on paying off the last of the debt from my clot in February and are saving as quickly as we can. However, I’m the most impatient patient person you will meet. I can wait and wait like a saint. But when I’m finally ready, it’s time to get started and there had better be no delay. God knows this – after all He created me. So I have been praying for a way to increase the flow of funds into our Asher account. And praying. And praying more. I had began to feel hopeless about the idea of any extra funds when God responded in a funny way.

If you know me, I’m quiet, polite, hard-working. If you really know me, I’m the sassiest person you’ll ever meet. Throw coffee in the mix (which I do religiously), and I’m a whirlwind of productivity and sarcasm. I love coffee. I love quick-witted remarks. And I like those quick-witted remarks on my coffee cups. Soooo.. why not make them? And sell them all for Asher’s account? I can’t ask others for money. Call it pride or something else, but taking money is an extremely hard thing for me. However, if you would love to be a small part of Asher’s story, or just really like my cute cups, let me know! Send me a message, friend me on Facebook, hunt me down. I will make a million cups if it leads to our son coming home quicker.

So without further introduction, here’s what I’m doing.


Custom requests are more than welcome and find me on Facebook for my most recent designs. These babies are $12 and each one goes directly into the Asher fund.. which is a whole other blog post on its own. There’s a part of me that’s terrified that this a terrible idea that no one will be interested in, but God has already shown me an overwhelming response that I will joyfully keep you updated about. So what are you waiting for? If you’ve read this far, you must be interested in a cup right? 🙂