One Box



Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.

-Vincent Van Gogh

Ten thousand dollars. Roughly a third of what we need to complete an international adoption. Exactly what we need to begin to dig deep into the paperwork-laden process. It seems astronomical.. unobtainable.. so far away.

I’m the kind of person who has to celebrate small victories. With a mind that can get so wrapped up in the big, unreachable goal, I have to see progress to be certain that I am on the right track and that I don’t lose heart. If I can see a small thing slowly grow into something larger, it suddenly becomes a goal that is conquerable.

At the beginning of 2016, I started a chart similar to the image above. Each box represents $100 – an amount that is not so large that, at one time, could break us, but is large enough to see a tangible difference in the Asher Fund. We save $100 every week. Those are the green boxes. I could complain about how, without an 11 day hospital visit, we would have twice the green boxes as we do. But that visit was so God-ordained, certainly filled with confirmation that we did hear the call to adopt, and entirely grace-driven, it was worth the $3,000 bill. I know that if we are in the middle of God’s plan, which was most certainly the case, that money will come back to us at the right time.

The blue boxes are from the beautiful souls that have invested in our son by buying a cup from of us. Twelve boxes from people we’ve known our entire lives and others we have never met. Twelve boxes of cup money means twelve whole weeks (and counting) sooner that we get to meet our little guy. How phenomenal is that? It has been incredibly humbling to be handed money for something that is as insignificant as a piece of pottery. There are times I walk away from a delivery with tears in my eyes. People are good. God is so good. And we thank you.  (Side note to those still waiting on their cups: We haven’t forgotten you! Thank you for your patience and generosity. I’m trying my best to finish up a couple large orders and will be back on track soon.)

As you can see, today’s Asher Fund has 30 boxes completed. We are 30 weeks closer to Asher. Two more rows of these boxes, and we will be halfway to our goal! If I focus too closely at the whole image, at the boxes that have yet to be filled, I tend to forget how much we have, how quickly it has grown, and how little more we need to get to halfway. It’s in those times that I remember that God will provide us with the next box. And the one after that. And so on.

Often in our Christian walk we get so caught up in knowing the whole story before we are willing to take the first step in the journey. However, that is not how we were created. We were designed to rely on our Creator. It’s in the seasons of uncertainty and dependence on Him that we grow closer to God. Think of your little. How it felt when he or she asked you for help with something. The task may have felt so small to you but seeing the joy on your child’s face when they accomplished a goal that meant the world to them was so fulfilling for you. You got to celebrate with them. And that’s all our Father wants to do with us. He sits back waiting for you to ask for help with that dream or obstacle that seems insurmountable. He wants to step in and make your dreams a possibility. And He wants to celebrate with you.

That’s what we’re doing. One Asher Box at a time. One God-led, unknown, crazy-beautiful step at a time. All while celebrating with our Father as He leads us on a journey called #FindingAsher.


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