Adoption – a marathon, not a sprint

Adoption is long. The longest marathon I’ve ever ran in my life.

We are the people others talk about as extreme examples when it comes to wait times for simple milestones. 2 months to complete our paperwork. 4 months for a psychological evaluation. Another 2 months for home study appointments. Plus another 2 months for that home study to be written. And then it sits on someone’s desks for weeks because there was a failure to communicate. Jesus take the wheel.

I’m a patient woman. Ok, not really. I’m the woman yelling at the driver in front of me because they’re cruising along at the speed limit. Give me grace.

But so far God has somehow blessed me with a patience of steel for all things adoption. And thankfully so, or I’m not certain even my easy-going to the extreme husband would want me anymore. I’ve seen families fly through the adoption process, surpassing our milestones like they were 1 foot hurdles. And it hasn’t hurt. I haven’t needed a night of tears and “why not us?!” {yet}. I’ve loved celebrating and walking beside others. After all, we are all pursuing our children. Similar, but specific, races to see their faces, hold their hands, love them through life.

So I’ve been patient. Until yesterday. Yesterday I was adding up days and weeks and months and was just plain frustrated. Our home study was {finally} finalized on Sept 28th and I had yet to receive confirmation that it had made its way to South Korea. In fact, I had yet to hear anything at all. So before I left work for the evening, I sent out an email asking “what in the heck is going on?!” if I could please have an update as to what we are waiting on. And then I went home and stewed. And vented to some sweet and patient people who encouraged me. I eventually ended the night not praying for movement with us but instead for doors to be opened wide for another family currently in the midst of the adoption hurdles.

Fast forward to this morning. I get to work and notice no email updates and resolve to email another person if I still haven’t heard anything by 1:00.

But it turns out I wouldn’t need to! Because I got the email I needed to completely change my mindset. It went a little something like this:

“I must have missed sending you the update because your home study was sent to Korea on 10/27, so it has been over there for a few weeks.”

Um, commence happy dance. It seems like today was the day that I was supposed to know we are officially on what is called the “wait strip.” Meaning we aren’t in a batch currently being assigned children but we are one step closer. In an average wait time of months for a match, we are already 1 month in and that is a big deal! It feels like in a timeline of delays and waiting, we seemingly just gained a month without even realizing it.

Oh and that family I prayed for last night, they received good news today. All little steps, slowly but surely, lead us all to our individual families and every step is worth celebrating! God is good, you guys.

All of that to say this:

We will be launching a campaign for shirts through Bonfire to officially celebrate our file having made its journey. Keep an eye out on my Facebook for that! I long for the day when I can tell you all that Asher has been found. Until then we will continue working on #FindingAsher. Our joy. Our blessing. Our happy. Our Asher.


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