Disclaimer: Have you ever struggled to put something into words? Like, legit don’t even know where to start? That’s where I am. So I am going to try to string together words into sentences that won’t even remotely reveal the intricacies of God at work.

April 3, 2018 –

I am one of those people who wake up with a song already playing on repeat in my mind. I like to think it’s a little gift from God to start my day out with a worshipful mindset. April 3rd is no different. I wake up singing of breakthroughs and how we serve The God of the breakthrough. What a powerful message – to know that no matter what strongholds, valleys, or struggles we are standing amidst, our God is THE God of the breakthrough. Commence the rest of my normal Tuesday..

  • Touch base with other adoptive mommas in process and encourage each other.
  • Freak out every time my phone rings, hoping its the agency telling us that we have our match and can finally lay eyes on our baby. Instead it’s a call about my online credit card application, my chance to participate in a premier survey, my free cruise, *insert any other spam call that I know we all receive*. #EndSpamCalling
  • Go home, rinse, and repeat.

April 4, 2018 –

This morning I wake up with an oldie stuck in my head. “I went to the enemy’s camp and I took back what he stole from me.” We sing this song at church occasionally so it’s not a totally off the wall song to wake up with. So I go with it and played it on repeat while getting ready for work. I even sing it to the girls in the office when I got to work later that morning; they love it, by the way.

THIS DAY. This is the day Caleb and I laid eyes on our son for the very first time. Let that sink in. #FindingAsher is no more, you guys. My baby is #FOUND.

My soul was telling me something this morning. By the hand of God, we fought and prayed and, though the enemy thought he had stolen our family from us with a miscarriage and a diagnosis, we walked into his camp and took back what he stole. *Can I get a Hallelujah and an Amen?!*

And let me tell you right now. Our baby is the most beautiful little boy I have ever laid eyes on. The name we prayerfully chose for him two whole years before he was born was made for him. When we named him we weren’t even certain that we would get matched with a boy. Exactly ZERO, ZILCH, NADA of our official paperwork said anything about us wanting a boy. But we knew God had promised us exactly that and so I ran with it. We did the nursery in a boy theme, I talked about “my son” all over my social media unashamedly, and even put boy clothes in his dresser. What a God we serve. He who has no word or syllable spoken in vain, He who will fulfill EVERY promise, not halfway, but to completion.

God is so good, guys. He is also in the details.

Our adoption process until this point has been brutally slow. If you read my previous post, you know that our home study was expected to take around 30-90 days. Ours took 9 months. It was frustrating and painful at times. But we had peace with the timeline because we knew that God was ultimately in control of the situation. And while average timelines are helpful in setting expectations, we had to accept that God’s timeline was the only one that held any weight.

Exactly one week after our little guy was brought into the Korean side of the agency, our home study was finalized. Had our file been completed much sooner like we had hoped, we could have missed this baby. We would have been matched with a baby, yes. But would it have been the specific child that God had ordained us to love and parent? Probably not. There were many times throughout our wait that God had to remind me that we could still have something good but it not be His plan – to wait and see what He had in store, trusting in His timing. That is so humbling. To know that I had been given a promise that I had no control over its completion. And to see the end result, just wow.

I wish I could put into words so much more and more elegantly. For example, our first psych appointment was exactly one year before the day we saw him for the first time. And the fact that we put his crib and dresser together in his room exactly one month before he was born. Or that we bought him books on his birthday. I’ll say it again: God is in the details.

So what’s next?

We have sent off all of our official paperwork to get the ball rolling for legal proceedings on the Korean side. If you follow me on Instagram, it was that 1 pound and 8.3 ounces of documents that were mailed this past week. That paperwork will be looked over this coming week and, God willing, it will be shipped off to Korea for translation on Friday. Once the translation is finished, it will be sent to the next stage where it awaits to be submitted for Emigration Permit (EP). This happens in batches and there is no predictable rhyme or reason as to when the next one will happen, at least on our side of the equation. We are praying and fasting for EARTH SHAKING FAVOR – that our dossier is in that next EP Submission batch. In non-adoption terms that translates to “that we have the quickest timeline we possibly can have from this point on.”  Once we have been EP Submitted, which can take several months, we will receive EP Approval and then our file is handed over to a judge. There are two that do intercountry adoptions. TWO. Which is probably a huge part of the answer to the question, “why does this process take so long?”

I’ll go into detail of the following steps after EP submission and approval once we get there. I’m a step-at-a-time kind of girl; I like to conquer what is right in front of me before worrying about the next step.

So if you managed to read all the way through this, first off, I think you deserve a gold star and you’re way cool. Second off, we have a little video to announce our little guy. However, you will notice his face is covered. Please know we are not doing this to build suspense or tease you but because we can’t legally show his face on the Internet since he is not officially ours. His confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. That being said, if you’re family or friend and you see me out and about in our giant town of 5,200, and want to see a picture or two, I will gladly show off my handsome, perfect little boy to those who want to see him.

In my last blog post, I said I long for the day that I can say Asher has been found. FOUND, though never lost, never an orphan in my eyes, always loved, always longed for, always seen by our God, and yet, found.


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