What a Redeeming Grace

What a

To my little boy,

The world says you are unknown. A nameless child in a vast and heartbreaking statistic of children. The world says you are unloved – given away, discarded, forgotten. The world says you’re unworthy because of some cultural, social, biological, or physical stigma. The world points out that you have no family. No mother or father who wants you. No home to provide safety and comfort. The world calls you an orphan.

But you are known. Although you have not taken your first breath, you already have a name. Asher literally means “happy” in Hebrew. Oh, and how happy and full of joy your life will be. You are so loved. Hundreds of people know your name and who your parents are. Your arrival into our world is greatly anticipated. In the blink of an eye, you will grow from no family to a HUGE family! You are sought after. You are prayed for without ceasing. And you are ours. Before your life has begun, we have been chosen to be your parents. And while you will have likely spent at least the first year of your life without us, you were never an orphan because you were never unknown, always wanted, and infinitely loved.

Until we meet.

What a redeeming grace. I have heard adoption referred to as “the gospel in flesh and blood,” and that takes hold of me today. All that the world says Asher is, God speaks differently over him. And it’s the same for all of us! Jesus says in John, “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” Whatever title you have taken on this world, God speaks differently over you. You are loved. You are His. You are very much known and sought after. And He’s coming for you. I’ll say it again. What a redeeming grace.



Asher: (ash’-er)

Asher: (ash’-er) blessed; happy one.

That is what we are calling him for now. Our little boy – black hair, shining eyes, and a great big, heart-melting smile.

It started as a conversation in our kitchen in November. During the month of December it had turned into an option. And by January, it had transformed into a mind-consuming vision for the future. Then, out of nowhere, February confirmed it as God’s calling for our lives.

We will begin to grow our family in 2016. This will begin with an application to Holt International Adoption Agency. We will eventually travel across the world to find the little boy I’ve seen in my dreams – the one whose soul matches ours so completely and divinely.

He is our “Plan A,” we have no major struggles with fertility, no reason to not “have our own,” as we’ve been asked. But I’ve seen my child, we have heard God tell us to find him, and we won’t stop until we are brought together.

So, in some tiny way, this is our announcement that we are expecting. How exciting is that?

for this child